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Hello, I'm Steve. I've been into photography professionally for 12 years now. For the first five years, I was heavily involved with family and children portraiture. My wife and I had a studio in Mesquite. We both had full time jobs and eventually the Saturday business took off and became too much for us, especially with a 3 year old. So in 2006, we gave up the studio and continued with occasional weddings. I also continued with Newborn Photography since it's the part I love doing the most. About 5 years ago, my 'day' job went by the way side and so I decided to give this fun passion on mine a go as a full time career.

People may think, "What on earth could this guy know about babies... he's a guy." First of all I'm a proud father. I've been photographing newborns for 9 years now; that means that I've met and photographed over 2000 newborns to date. When you hire a photographer for your newborn session, experience is key. You'll also want someone who you can trust and it also helps to have someone who is stress free and easy going; someone who is fair and honest, loves what he does and cares a lot about the quality of his work. Sure, the work should speak for itself, that goes without saying, but YOUR portrait experience should be awesome as well and not a painful, awkward or anxious event.

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Attended Texas School of Photography 8 straight years
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